Unwanted Car Removal

Do you have an unwanted car that you’re looking to get rid of for cash? Grande Cash for Cars is your Sydney old car buyer that wants your unwanted car. We pay cash for unwanted cars of every make and condition.

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Unwanted Car Removal

Your Same Day Unwanted Car Removal Sydney Is on Us!

Why not take advantage of our free, same-day unwanted car removal services in Sydney? Especially, when they pay cash! We are cash car buyers that buy & remove unwanted cars of every type and condition:

Sell Your Old Car for Cash
Your vehicle may be an old Toyota that hardly makes it down the road, and, when it does, it guzzles the fuel incredibly. There’s no need to hang onto the old fuel guzzler. We will make you a cash offer and remove the vehicle for free.

Get Cash for Scrap Car Sydney
Your vehicle may be in scrap condition. What are you supposed to do with a scrap car that’s more junk than a car? Well, with us, you can have your scrap car recycled and collect cash for the metals.

Sell Your Damaged Car for Instant Cash
Your vehicle may be in damaged condition. With Grande Cash for Cars, your damaged vehicle is purchased for working parts and its metals. That’s how we make you a top cash offer for your unwanted car. We evaluate cars fairly, taking into consideration details such as what parts can be salvaged and how many tonnes of scrap metals can be obtained from the car.

We Buy Used Cars for Cash
Your vehicle may be in used condition. It runs well and needs just a few repairs to get in back in pristine condition. But you don’t want to waste time or money fixing up the car. No worries. We will buy & remove your unwanted used car today.

With us, you have an unwanted Car Removal anywhere in Sydney today. An unwanted car removal that pays cash for your car or truck.

How Grande Unwanted Car Removals Work

The Grande way is to collect vehicles from our Sydney customers, offering them sheer ease with their unwanted car removals Sydney.

  • No fixing or repairing your vehicle for us to collect it.
  • No having to schedule a collection that interferes with your day.
  • No having to pay for our collection services.

We schedule removals at times that are convenient for our customers. You tell us the date and time that you would like us to arrive to collect your vehicle and we’ll be there. The process to schedule your free car collection works like this:

  1. Contact Grande Cash for Cars to get a quote for your unwanted vehicle.
  2. Accept or reject our cash quote.
  3. Schedule a free car removal anywhere in Sydney at a time that is convenient for you.

What We Need from You

  • Proof of ownership for the vehicle such as the title of ownership or registration.
  • A current photo ID.
  • The plates for the vehicle removed.
  • The vehicle parked in an area that is easy to access.

Contact Us for A Quote

To obtain a quote for your unwanted vehicle, please contact us at the number below. For an online quote, please complete our online quote form at the top right of this page. We are your cash for unwanted car buyers that will remove your vehicle today.

Get top cash for your unwanted car and schedule a free car collection today. Call us at 0481 953 585.

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